I see powerful women that are standing in a place of ease and feel cared for completely. I see women that feel at peace in their own bodies and feel juicy and creative. I am in service to postpartum mothers and my heart is open to finding a way to provide different levels of support in their extended postpartum journey. In these uncertain times - I hold space for postpartum mothers to thrive and feel powerful - in tune with their own rhythms, needs, and respecting their flow!
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Pregnancy and having my son has changed my life. Yasmine has also changed my life. She not only holistically guided me through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum; she help me develop a whole new perspective of life. I could never recommend anybody more for anything. Her knowledge of all things holistic healing and birth combined with her huge heart and peaceful demeanor, make for the best doula and friend a woman could ever have. I thank God that he led me to her. Choosing her as my doula was one of the best decisions of my LIFE. Congratulations mama, your search is over 


Alexandria Ogden

Yasmine was divinely placed in my path & I knew from the first time we met that she was exactly who I needed supporting me & my partner through this process. The emotional, nutritional & spiritual support & encouragement I received through my pregnancy, labor, delivery & postpartum journey have been AMAZING. Yasmine is a goddess & I love & appreciate her so so so much.. I wouldn't have made it through those final pushes without her right next to the tub cheering me on.


Courtney Dale 

 Postpartum Mothers deserve to feel like themselves again, feel comfortable and confident in their post-baby bodies, rebalance their hormones, and embrace themselves as a sexual being again. They deserve to live with more peace, power, and pleasure in postpartum and beyond and to be well supported in that rebirth journey!

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I’m Yasmine, 

I teach, guide, and support postpartum mothers in reaching a new level of personal power.

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